Sprite + Heat = Explosion of Epic Proportions

Here’s a fun story:

I just got home from a very long day at Kings Island and still had two cases of pop in the car from yesterday’s shopping trip (because I only have two hands and I refuse to make two trips at one time, of course).

So, they stayed in the car all day while I was Kings Island.  Boiling, I guess.

Because when I got home and went to gently carry them inside (because I could actually hear the cans “settling” on the drive home), the box holding the Sprite had split open.  One of the cans went tumbling to the pavement where it went off like a rocket of lemon-lime chemical warfare.  While I was collecting my thoughts about this sugary assault another can rolled off the seat and out to the ground where it too attacked my legs, face, and glasses.

So, I calmly closed the door, took what I had in my hands inside, and hopped in the shower.  I suppose now I need to go out and collect those two cans and try to figure out how to remove the ticking time bomb that are the remaining cans on my front seat before they coat the inside of my car with sticky carbonated fruit fusion.

If only that reality show camera crew I was thinking about hiring were here to see it.


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